Customers are relationships not transactions

About a week ago had a revelation after calling one of my customers.

“Customers are relationships not transactions”.

I cast my mind back a few weeks ago when I was speaking with a friend of mine who recently took up a sales position with a company who launched in New Zealand. As well as being a sales person they were also the account managers for the sales that they acquired. This meant that they had to manage the monthly billing. So whenever the monthly bill came around they would personally visit their clients and speak with them about their business and get feedback.

It is these interactions with your customers that are truly valuable. Although it seemed my friend was only going to deliver a bill in fact what he was there for was to speak with the customer and gather valuable feedback about how they are finding the service that he is providing and getting an insight into how their business is doing.

As I was saying before, I had an unintentional similar experience with one of my customers where I called them for one purpose and by having a conversation uncovered much more valuable feedback about their business and where they were at. This knowledge gained will result in further sales down the track as I gained an insight into where the business was at and what their plans were for the new year.

The way that I have been managing my customers is just emailing them a bill every month and not being too worried about how they are finding the service being provided. I feel that it is this attitude of not taking an interest in my customers and actually engaging with them that is holding back the growth of my business.

So there you have it, make sure you take every opportunity to have a conversation with your customers. If the conversation stops then the business stops growing.

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